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Why Choose Organic Cosmetic & Skincare Products?

These days it’s commonly understood that natural and unprocessed is best when it comes to our diet — so why don’t we show the same consideration to our skin?

Covering ourselves with synthetic chemicals is just as harmful as ingesting them. Using natural and organic cosmetic and skincare products is far more beneficial; here are just a few of the reasons why.

  • Know what you’re getting – When it comes to modern-day cosmetics, you’d have to have a degree in science to understand most of what you’re putting on your skin. Organic products have to be made of 95% organic ingredients, which come from plant sources, so you know you’re guaranteed an all-natural result.
  • Avoid harmful chemicals – Of course that also means you know you’re avoiding putting your skin into contact with harmful chemicals. Artificial and processed ingredients are much more likely to cause irritation to your skin, resulting in blemishes, redness, dehydration, and itching. Natural products are altogether more gentle and soothing.
  • Boost your nutrients – Since organic products come from plant-based sources, they’re much more likely to include health-improving nutrients than man made chemicals. From naturally-occuring antioxidants to vitamins and minerals, organic products give your skin the fuel it actually needs.
  • Treat your nose! – Ever bought a synthetic cosmetic product that comes with an equally synthetic smell? From overpowering chemical scents to sickly fake fruit smells, inorganic products can be a bit of a headache. Organic products smell as fresh and natural as the ingredients they’re made with.
  • Save money – Since artificial cosmetics and skincare products tend to require a lengthy manufacturing process, they can also end up costing more. Natural ingredients need less processing, which often leads to lower costs. Since they include ingredients that are higher in quality, you also tend to need to use less of an organic product to see results. This means your cosmetics and skincare products last longer, saving you money in the long run.
  • Save the environment – From production to end, organic products are simply better for the environment. They require less processing, which means fewer factories pumping out harmful greenhouse gases. They’re also far safer to wash down your sink and into our water supply than artificial cosmetics made with toxic chemicals. Always remember to look out for sustainably sourced organic products though, to make sure your purchases are green from beginning to end.

Want to learn more about organic skincare and ingredients? We’d love to chat to you about what we do here at L’Abu, so feel free to get in touch today.

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