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Say goodbye to 2021 Bad Skin Habits and hello to 2022!

Firstly, we want to wish you all a Happy New Year & thank you so much for your continued custom. We love each and every one of you.

Getting straight into it, here are our 2021 bad skin habits which we all know are going to be left behind!

Top Four Bad Habits

  1. Washing your face too much!

Believe it or not natural oils produced by the skin are good for you! don’t overindulge in your new routines. Less is more.

  1. Neglecting your neck & chest.

Regular nourishing and massaging to this area will promote a healthy and tightened look to match your already perfected facial routine.

  1. Going to bed with makeup on…

Need we say anymore? We are all guilty of this after a heavy day or evening but taking those extra 5 minutes to cleanse and moisturise will reward you in years to come!

  1. Not wiping down your phone

Have you ever thought how much dirt is captured by your phone screen, and then transferred to your face when taking calls? No? well now is the time!

Going into 2022 there are so many amazing skin care hacks to follow that will make your goals of a glowing and youthful look be set alight!

Here are our top four hacks for 2022.

  1. Use a Serum

If you haven’t invested yet, you need to. A great serum captures the skins moisture, promotes stem cell production, and prevents premature ageing. It is a MUST!

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  1. Hibiscus Flower!

Heard of it? Well let us show you the way. Hibiscus is natures natural Botox. It plumps, lifts, and tightens, no need for the needles. It is becoming a hugely popular way to give you a youthful and healthy result without the nasties.

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  1. Keep it Simple

We believe in an easy routine, that’s maintainable and therefore consistent. If its easy, you’ll stick to it right? What’s better than consistency to work on your skin goals… Nothing!

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  1. Choose your cleanser carefully

There is no room for harsh chemical face washes and the need for a ‘tight’ skin feel after cleansing. It isn’t healthy and removes all the skins natural oils which form barriers and protect the skin. Try our Oat Milk Cleanse for the purest, and nourishing cleanser there is!

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