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Skinimalism & Skin Fasting: Less is More in Skincare

POV: You’re scrolling through social media and see a beauty trend where you pamper your skin while embracing your natural beauty with fewer products.

Here at L’abu Skin its not just a trend, we have always advocated LESS is MORE!

If you describe your skincare routine “doing the most” or “extra,” and are still not seeing results, or worse, are experiencing irritation… allow us to introduce you to our uncomplicated 3 step routine, also known as skinimalism, or skin fasting.

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What Is Skinimalism?

Contrary to popular belief, a thousand-step skincare routine isn’t necessary.

Skinimalism (or skin minimalism) is all about ‘less is more’. By using less, it focuses on working in synergy with the skins own natural healing process.  We have made sure our formulations have been mixed for maximum benefits and results driven. 98% of our customers have seen some RESUILTS within 14 days.

There is a reason why L’abu  Skincare is  used by professionals and salons across the country!

What are the Benefits of Skin Fasting?

The key to skin fasting is minimising your skincare routine, or even taking a break so that your skin can re set. This allows its natural maintenance function to get back on track.

Here are some benefits that skinimalists love this trend for:

  • Reduce skin’s dependency on products

Ever feel like you’re just packing on more and more products into your routine without seeing any huge difference each time? You could be overusing products, or your skin could have developed a dependency on some of them. Skin fasting lets your skin rebuild its natural defences so you’ll only need the bare essentials afterwards.

  • Understand your skin’s natural biology

Our skin is unique, and so should our skincare routines. Skin fasting helps you understand your skin’s natural biology so you can tailor your routine to fit its needs.

  • Offers a breather from layers of makeup and heavy skincare routines 

We’re no stranger to packing loads of product on our face. This can lead to buildup and irritation – it’s important to give your skin a breather.

  • It can give you a natural glow

Au naturel – need we say more?

How to Skin Fast and Be a Skin Minimalist

Go back to the basics!

Reduce your products, to our 3 step routine  *Cleanse *Target *Hydrate. Pick one product from each L’abu Skin range or try a bundle option.

where skin fasting comes in handy – when you strip down to only the essentials, you get to know your skin’s natural condition and can tailor your routine to it! Your skin will tell you what’s best for it – stick to those products!

Strike out unnecessary products.

Skin fasting is the perfect time to detox that cabinet full of products. Best way to know what to get rid of? Get to know what you’re really putting on your face! And no, we don’t mean just knowing the cute and fancy product name. Take the time to really read the labels and know the ingredients – it’s all in the details! Any products containing parabens, fragrance ingredients, or other harmful chemical ingredients should steer clear of your body.

Only use active ingredients you need.

Just because you strip back doesn’t mean removing effective products from your arsenal. Feel free to make modifications. Some people cut off all skincare products cold turkey, and others simply minimize the use of active ingredients, such as AHAs, HA, Vitamins (C and E are most common in skincare), retinol, and many others.

Use products with multi-tasking capabilities.

This is where we come in! Our formulations are mixed to get the best out of your routine. Such as our Oat Milk Cleanser, that is so creamy and contains super hydrating ingredients, you can literally walk out the door!

High impact products can tackle several issues at once, are your best friend when it comes to skin fasting.

Start slow.

If you’re concerned about throwing your skin off-balance, start by only skin fasting once a week. One night a week, choose a product not to use to let your skin breathe. The following morning wash your face and examine your skin. If there’s no sign of irritation, feel free to continue. Remember, it’s all about taking the time to know your natural skin (minus all the products!) and figuring out which products are absolutely beneficial for it.

Final Thoughts

The goal will always be to achieve healthy, glowing, clean skin. If you do not see results from your hefty skincare routine, give skinimalism a try. Say goodbye to multi-step regimes and a warm welcome to all your natural beauty. While you give your skin a breather, check out bundle ranges, your skin will thank you for it.

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