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The skincare trends and ingredients to know in 2024

All about the natural

When we look at next year, we can already see what’s been trending at the end of this year, and right now, we’re putting in a lot of effort to obtain a glowy complexion and a more even skin tone, so much so that we wouldn’t have to wear any makeup – this has already been seen on the red carpets where celebrities wear little makeup or nothing at all.

Whether it is the skincare products we stock up our beauty cupboards with or the results we’re looking for when booking facial treatments, 2024 is about achieving that healthy, lit-from-within glow by natural means. The focus shifts to in-office treatments like microneedling, light therapy and lasers that effectively rejuvenate the skin and boost its own ability to address a host of concerns like ageing, skin texture and inflammation.

Pamela Anderson went makeup-free for Paris Fashion Week as well as this year’s British Fashion Awards.

In terms of skincare products, there’s a new era of skincare on the horizon, where enhancing the skin’s function with natural ingredients takes front and centre.

L’abu Skincare uses carefully curated formulations, with a simple holistic approach to skincare. Their range are categorised under Cleanse Target Hydrate for the consumer to either choose their own products or the bundle options o n offer to tackle skin concerns, such as the Age Defying Trio that is super anti-aging and helps to tackle and delay the signs of lines, dark patches, dull skin.

Less is more and why professional Skincare is best.

If anyone is still doing their 10-step skincare routine, it’s time to say goodbye to the excess serums, oils and creams. This trend has already reared its head this year, going stronger into 2024 as we keep streamlining our beauty routines.

L’abu skincare can be found in many salons across the country and set out for the consumer to have the benefits at home too so that premium quality is used in your daily routine.

Here are some of the benefits:

  • Higher levels of active ingredients
  • Designed for maximum penetration.
  • Contain PH adjusted ingredients.
  • Uncomplicated and easy to use

The focus will now be on simple skincare – we want to restore the barrier function and the skin’s immune system so that inflammation goes down and the skin looks healthy and supple.” A basic, three-step regime usually consists of cleansing (double it if you want), a concentrated serum or Oil such as retinol, and a moisturiser.

Prevention is key

Perhaps you’ve encountered some of the teenage skincare enthusiasts on TikTok who are already incorporating powerful anti-ageing ingredients, such as retinol, into their routines? it shows how educated Gen Z is about preventing some of the biggest skin concerns, such as acne and premature ageing.

Although the younger generation is the one flaunting their knowledge online, the last few years have seen people in general become more interested in learning about what we’re putting onto our skin and what the ingredients will actually do. Now, we are preventing the damages rather than trying to fix them after they’re already there.

So if you want to start your 3 step skin journey, look no further than L’abu Skincare.

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