Tips From L'Abu

Is your skin routine giving you stress?

We live in an ever-busy world, work, having to get the children ready for school, time is precious, it little wonder that so many skip what they think they can do without.

The excuses, Ohh I will do that later or maybe start tomorrow, sounds familiar?

L’abu has you covered, if you have 1 minute or 1 hour, our products will see your skin through the day. All the products are power packed with botanicals, essential oils, cream bases, vitamins, so no matter what you have time for, at least your skin will get the nutrition it needs to protect and hydrate, so you can face the day with confidence.

Just got time to cleanse?

Our Oat Milk Cleanser not only does the job its designed to do and remove daily dirt, grime and dead cells, but also has luxurious oils, vitamins and moisturises, so that you literally can get up and go, on the days that you just don’t get time to do the full routine.

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