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The Science of Smoker’s Skin: Why Nicotine Affects Your Appearance and What You Can Do About It

Does the above look all too familiar?

We are not here to preach but simply to help you look after your skin.

De -hydrated, lifeless skin

which then causes lines and wrinkles.

Limit the negative effects by incorporating Vitamin C into your routine.

Vitamin C helps your skin create new collagen to help keep your skin firm and helps to prevent premature aging

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Try the Pore Scrub

Gently remove dead cells and pollution from smoke, whilst infusing the skin with Vitamin C to reveal a more refreshed complexion.

Smokers have 30% vitamin C deficiency which is essential for skin formation, growth and repair

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Boost the Skin

It’s never too late to start taking care of your skin.

Our products are salon grade and formulated for maximum impact.

We have made it easy…

3 Steps= time saving = consistency = RESULTS

Are skincare routines worth it?

Refresh Your Complexion

Meet Our Pro Age + Trio

Containing the incredible botanical Hibiscus, known to fight free radicals, caused by toxins and pollution and smoke.

Your skin will instantly look glowing and alive!

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Boost your Cells

this moisturiser has a combination of all the greats.

Vitamins A C E combined for a powerful cocktail to tackle aging skin caused by lifestyle and pollution.

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So Clear the Smoke

Achieve Healthy, Glowing Skin, Despite lifestyle and pollution

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