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Celebrating the Launch of L’abu Skin

It’s safe to say we’ve never been more obsessed about skincare. But what are the necessities and what’s just an unneeded extremity?

Research shows that at some point, we all get confused with skincare products – how we use them, what products we need, and what they do. There are so many different scents and marketing ideas to lure you in, and make you believe a certain product will produce better results than your last impulse buy.

A key fact we all tend to neglect is that the skin starts to age in our early 20s. This is something we learnt when growing up on a vineyard in Italy, and which ultimately inspired us to launch L’abu Skin.


An organic skincare brand with an Italian twist

Our Italian heritage takes us right back to using fresh produce off the family vineyards and grounds – and at such a young age. This experience provided us with a luxury not many people can afford, but more importantly it taught us how natural produce can breathe new life into your skin. We believe this knowledge, along with our organic upbringing, shines through in our luxury, yet affordable, product range.

At the heart of L’abu is a belief in producing honest and clean products, containing plant-infused and organic ingredients, and free of harmful chemicals and parabens. Our products are also cruelty-free, never tested on animals, handmade in the UK and completely safe for vegans.

Most, if not all, skincare products contain an element of preservative, but our products only contain 0.5%, which is the lowest required dose. This ensures all the ingredients are protected from fungus and mould, and is something we are proud to shout about on our packaging – unlike some other skincare brands.

We also believe that skincare doesn’t need to be overly complicated or excessively expensive, as demonstrated by our affordable range of moisturisers, oils and serums. Rather than being an indulgence, salon-grade skincare should be available to everyone. And, thanks to L’abu, it is.

“We believe that skincare doesn't need to be overly complicated or excessively expensive. Rather than being an indulgence, salon-grade skincare should be available to everyone.”


Giving something back

Now we have started our journey, we can’t wait to make a difference – not just in supporting the skin we are in, but society too. Our mission is to help as many people as possible, so for each sale made, we aim to contribute 50p to a foundation or charity chosen (eventually) by our loyal customers. As a business, we have no need to take a ‘wage’ or ‘expense’, so this gives us an opportunity to give something back, which is hugely important to us as a brand.

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