Tips From L'Abu

What is Cloud Skin?

A hybrid of fabulous skin care and light make up to achieve flawless, light glowing skin.

We all crave for that filtered look but the real deal right?. Well we can achieve this with consistent skin care routine using premium, salon grade quality for that extra special spa day results, but guess what, you can have this every day, with L’abu.

The Oat Milk Cleanser bathes the skin with its luxurious cream base, removing the daily build-up of dirt, grime and dead skin cells and there is lots of those, approx. 30 to 40 k of dead cells daily! Ohh but it does not stop there, it leaves your skin hydrated, nourished and glowing.

Follow up with the Hydra Gel Mask, for that cellular shot of hydration, after 10 minutes wipe off with a warm flannel and then finish with the Hydra Lotion, for the ultimate glow.

No need for heavy makeup, the trend is now fabulous skin care with a touch of makeup to enhance what nature gave you .

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