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Are you ageing faster than YOU realise?

Whilst nature is a wonderful thing, if you don’t look after what it gave you, what a waste!

When you are young, you don’t think about aging, your world is invincible, care free and forever.

Sorry to say, by the time we reach 35 our skin will have started it ageing process and be 15 YEARS into its aging process, scary thought isn’t it?
Well, personally this made us take note and we certainly wanted to make sure that we looked after our skin and helped to keep it at its best for as long as possible.

This was part of the reason we went into skincare and using pure and organic ingredients.

Its common knowledge that there are so many nasties in skin care, they can do more damage than good, so why wouldn’t you look to choose other options?
Our journey started with our Clinic and using alternative skin treatments with self-regenerating results, we wanted to combine this with skin care that was Salon Grade and used pure and Organics, …………….L’abu was born.



We wanted to bring our Italian heritage into our products, by using as many pure and organic ingredients we could, but keeping the formulations to a salon level, so that every application of product would help to make a difference.
As a mother and daughter duo we wanted to collaborate our ages and personal targets to bring the best skin care we could, but not only that, we wanted to make sure the Brand fitted into the hectic life styles so many of us lead.

We always say, it’s not enough to buy products, YOU have to find the time to use them.

That’s WHY we have done the hard work and made sure they are power packed with ingredients, so that even if you just have time to wash your face, our Oat Milk Cleanser for instance will leave your skin fully hydrated and protect your skins PH balance until you have more time to do the full routine.
We have learned a lot along the way and what we know is that when you use great products consistently you will see the benefits.

That’s why we choose to not over complicate and invest in intensity over buying lots of wishy-washy products that just serve to clog up your shelves, confuse you and generally put you off doing what actually can make a difference.

On a light hearted note and something to get you on your way to healthy skin………

Top Tip

In the morning, Cleanse your skin with cold to Luke Warm water and not hot water, which will break down the skins barrier and can lead to infection.
If you do not have any time for a routine, never skip on sun protection, even when it raining or cloudy!

Bye for now,

Netta & Hayley

L’abu Skin x

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